Design Verification

Each CommAgility design endures a rigorous series of tests in the lab before being released for manufacture. The tests verify that the product is operating as expected by design. Tests include: SI verification, timing margins, ground bounce, clock jitter, PSU stability, PSU headroom, symbol eyes, bit error rate (BER), crosstalk, inter-symbol interference (ISI), power consumption, operating temperatures and interoperability.

Thermal Stress Tests

The embedded boards are tested in environmental conditions which are significantly more stressful than the target environment. On-board supply voltages are margined to their limits and the environmental chamber is cycled continually with a profile designed to emulate an accelerated life test. The products are designed to be able to operate reliably during these stress tests resulting in a product which has true carrier grade performance.


The embedded DSP boards are tested to ensure that there are no unexpected electromagnetic interference (EMI) problems.


CommAgility are PICMG Members and regularly attend Interoperability Workshops (plugfests) to ensure that all products interoperate with other vendors' products.