CommAgility is a member of the Texas Instruments Design Network. The very best DSP technology is selected for our products.

CommAgility is also a Xilinx Third Party Alliance member. Xilinx Virtex FPGAs provide solid performance and are backed up with excellent support.


The processing elements are interconnected with high bandwidth, low latency SRIO links. Some boards support front panel or backplane SRIO, PCI Express, Ethernet, XAUI or a fibre optic air interface or backhaul at up to 10 GBits/s and 1PPS, GPS or IEEE1588 clock synchronisation.

Precision multi-channel RF interfaces provide support for MIMO LTE and LTE advanced applications.

Support / Glue Logic

Application requirements cost and space constraints define all component selections including: OCXOs, integral GPS receivers, PLLs, MMC, PSUs, and temperature sensors.