software overview

Our software solutions are designed with the future in mind, and adherence to 3GPP standards is the foundation of our products. We reduce risk and cost for customers by combining our aggressive standards roadmap, a highly robust and customizable real-time architecture, and experienced development and support resources.

CommAgility is involved in projects in a range of specialised network areas, such as avionics and satellite communications, which need adaptations from the LTE standard. Differentiation and customization beyond the standards are demanded by our customers for these specialized networks. Our expertise helps customers to handle issues such as high latency, high Doppler shift, specific interference or multiple parallel channels.

CommAgility provides LTE software products for:

  • LTE User Equipment for customized networks
  • Wireless infrastructure - small cells, relays and backhaul

Key benefits of the CommAgility Technology Platform:

  • 3GPP standards compliant ensuring 100% alignment with the standards and future proofing your investment
  • ANSI-C based software platform delivering complete flexibility in choice of hardware platform for your specific needs
  • Pre-integrated onto CommAgility and Texas Instruments solutions providing fast time to market and lower development costs
  • Leading chipset and IP core partner ecosystem enabling turnkey platforms
  • Flexible and competitive licensing terms providing efficiencies and control of development budgets

Our product range includes:

  • UE and eNodeB PHY available as reference chains, providing ultimate flexibility to OEMs building their silicon IP from scratch
  • Pre-integrated PHY and Stack on Texas Instruments' silicon devices, for integration in your wireless product development
  • Pre-ported and validated PHY and Stack, delivering CommAgility hardware and software for integration into your LTE system

Complete LTE Physical Layer for small cells on SDR, DSP and ASIC platforms

Complete LTE Protocol Stack for small cell products

LTE PHY and Stack software for UE (User Equipment) on SDR, DSP and ASIC platforms

Femto Forum compliant configurable scheduler

SmallCellVeriPHY supports testing for LTE eNodeB products, providing a MAC Emulator and a set of over 1000 test files (vectors)