• Frequency selective scheduling
  • QoS Support
  • MIMO Support
  • Link adaptation
  • MAC multiplexing
  • Scheduling of HARQ transmissions
  • UE class support
  • Semi-persistent scheduling
  • Femto Forum compliant configurable scheduler

    The high-efficiency, environment-aware SmallCellAdvancedScheduler (formerly called SmallCellSPECTRUM) is designed to optimize air interface performance without the need for coordination over the X2 interface. This enables a fast (per 1ms TTI) response on any change in interference or channel conditions.

    The scheduler employs scanning the radio environment, by listening to UE transmissions in the small cell’s neighbourhood, using the sniffer to detect neighbouring eNBs, and listening to the neighbour-list reports from UEs in its vicinity. The ability to detect victim-UEs enables the scheduler to reduce interference by taking this information into account.

    The configurability of our scheduler enables our customers to optimize the behaviour of the scheduler for specific usage scenarios. Twenty-two system performance KPIs are available for performance evaluation and scheduler behaviour control.

    Our active participation in the Femto Forum and 3GPP has enabled us to address the critical interference scenarios they have identified. The scheduler is fully compliant with the Femto Forum API for air interface scheduling. It runs on CommAgility’s own LTE SmallCellSTACK software product, as well as any other vendor’s LTE eNB STACK supporting the Femto Forum Scheduler / NMM APIs.

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