• 3GPP Releases 8, 9 and 10 Compliant LTE PHY Reference Chain and for TI SoCs
  • Entirely software defined delivering and enabling flexibility and scalability
  • Number of supported users scalable and depending on hardware platform
  • Optimized for low memory, processing power, and power consumption
  • Innovative algorithms such as advanced schedulers
  • Comprehensive and configurable debug infrastructure
  • Available integrated on CommAgility hardware
  • Test environment support
  • Femto Forum API (FFAPI) Compliant
  • Complete LTE Physical Layer for small cells on SDR, DSP and ASIC platforms

    SmallCellPHY is available in two variants – a Reference Chain and for Texas Instruments’ Small Cell SoCs. The Reference Chain is based on a modular architecture and flexible interfaces to enable fast porting and easy adaptation to specific system modules. Since the LTE standard is defined for a large range of system capabilities, the software has been made highly configurable. This enables tailoring of the required features and efficient utilization of the available hardware resources; reduction of the required resources will minimize the bill of materials for the end device.

    SmallCellPHY-TI is the industry leading LTE PHY used and proven by Tier 1 equipment vendors. Tailored to the Keystone I and Keystone II SoC architecture, it delivers maximum performance and is supported by a team of LTE experts. CommAgility’s team can modify the PHY and Stack for customer’s specific application requirements.

    The design benefits from the strong experience of CommAgility in high performance algorithms for multi-antenna systems, enabling efficient spectrum usage and maximal data throughput within the system. This means among other features, 64QAM modulation at highest data rates, and all MIMO modes such as SISO, SM, and SFBC.

    SmallCellPHY-TI Rel. 9 is available for Texas Instruments’ TCI6614, TCI6630 and TCI6636/8 eNodeB SoCs. 3GPP Rel. 10 is available for TCI6636/8 and TCI6630 SoCs. The SmallCellPHY-TI is integrated and validated on CommAgility’s AMC-D24A4-RF2/RF4 and AMC-K2L-RF2 boards, including Rel. 10.

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