• Includes MAC Emulator and over 1000 FDD and TDD test cases
  • Provides basic Layer 2 (L2) operations to control the PHY layer
  • Available for all CommAgility SmallCellPHY-TI variants
  • SmallCellVeriPHY supports testing for LTE eNodeB products, providing a MAC Emulator and a set of over 1000 test files (vectors)

    When developing LTE eNodeB products, basic PHY software and related hardware functionality needs to be extensively tested before the conformance tests according to 3GPP TS 36.141 can be executed.

    Normally, the PHY layer has been developed and tested in a limited environment to reduce risk and allow module and PHY level testing for verification. This means that customers need to re-verify when integrating their own RF front end, support integration of the LTE eNodeB Protocol Stack as well as possibly making modifications to the PHY itself.

    To support this type of testing, CommAgility has developed SmallCellVeriPHY, consisting primarily of the MAC Emulator and a set of over 1000 test files, sometimes called test vectors.

    CommAgility offers the SmallCellVeriPHY for all variants of the SmallCellPHY-TI.

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