5G ref chain block diagram
  • Full physical layer implementation in ANSI C
  • 3GPP Release 15 compliant
  • Static test frameworks with hundreds of test cases and test vectors
  • Advanced algorithms for channel estimation, equalization and synchronization
  • Small Cell Forum 5G FAPI compliant
  • 5G gNodeB, UE PHY Reference Chains

    CommAgility's extensive expertise in DSP technology and algorithms has been invested into creating the 5G Physical Layer Reference Chain (PHYRefChain-5G), with versions for 5G gNodeB and User Equipment product developers. These two products support developers through the entire process of algorithm development to creation of a real- time physical layer for a specific baseband device to testing of the physical layer and radio subsystem.

    The reference chains support 3GPP Release 15 Technical Specifications 38.211, 38.212, 38.213 and 38.214, and will be continually developed to meet market needs as 3GPP specifications evolve.

    Written in fixed-point ANSI C, the products are full physical layer solutions, optimized with table-based implementation and portable for most DSP platforms. They offer flexible architectures to enable easy integration with available hardware accelerators and libraries.

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